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World War II
A Narrative History

This website is dedicated to the memory of all who served,
and those who died for a just cause,
 in mankind's most terrible conflict.



Welcome to War Stories, a narrative history of the Second World War. The goal here is to tell the history of the war through book excerpts -- either first-person accounts, subsequent historical studies and, occasionally, fiction about the war. The excerpts will be arranged chronologically as well as by theater of war.
The stories may be accompanied by Footnotes -- documents, statistics, biographical sketches, and information on weapons, battles, grand strategy, etc. An index for each of these will be maintained.
Some of the books from which these stories come are still in print and available. Others are out of print and more difficult to find. Where possible, a link will be provided to assist you if you wish to acquire the entire work.
If you have your own story of World War II -- if you lived through the war, or if you would like to pay tribute to someone who did -- feel free to contribute.
A chronology of the war will be added soon to facilitate placing the stories in the context of the war as a whole.
One of my goals is to compile a comprehensive page of Links to other World War II-related websites, and your help in this endeavor would be appreciated.
The object of this website is not to glorify World War II. There was nothing glorious about it. It was a dirty, bloody, terrible business. World War II was the greatest catastrophe ever to befall Mankind. But it was a war that had to be fought to secure freedom -- or, at least, the possibility of freedom -- for people everywhere. We should not forget how it happened and why it had to be fought.

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