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War Stories
A Narrative History of World War 2

September 21-30, 1939

September 21, 1939
The Iron Guard, a Fascist organization, murders the Rumanian prime minister, Calinescu.
September 22, 1939
In Poland, Soviet troops surging eastward take Lvov.
September 23, 1939
September 24, 1939
September 25, 1939
In Poland, the German bombardment of and air assault on Warsaw escalates. Hitler hopes that by targeting the civilian population he will force the Polish garrison to capitulate sooner.
Food rationing is introduced in Germany.
September 26, 1939
September 27, 1939
After several days of heavy German bombardment, Warsaw surrenders, and 150,000 Polish troops are taken prisoner.
Hitler informs his generals that he intends to launch an attack in the west very soon. Most of the generals are opposed.
September 28, 1939
September 29, 1939
The Soviet-German Treaty of Friendship partitions conquered Poland. While Russia acquires the most territory, the German sphere includes the most industry and the largest population.
The Baltic states of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia are pressured into signing pacts with Russia .
September 30, 1939
A Polish government-in-exile is established in Paris, with Raczkiewicz the new president and General Sikorski the commander of the armed forces.